Looks for New Year 2016

23 December 2015

Looks for New Year 2016

Looking beautiful on New Year’s eve, to look beautiful all year ‘round. Of course this is one of the most magical moments of the season and it’s the perfect moment to dare a look that will make heads turn. For a formal and refined dinner, for a little part with friends or for a clubbing night: here’s the trends to start your 2016 feeling and looking beautiful.

1 Long night, short skirt. In the night when everything is allowed there is no thing such a “too short skirt”. Microdresses are the best choice: show those legs, but be careful with the choice of the shoes. Depending on what kind of evening your are going to face you can go for killer pumps, but if geat dncind is in order you can also go for some biker boots that will save your ankles.

2 Compete with fireworks. Nothing will shine brighter than you. Create some light and sparkles with precious jewels for a formal dinner or with studs and metallic chains for a rock style. Which is the perfect kind of outfit to match your nature? Any, if you use wisely accessories to give your look that extra sparkle.

3 Hot and cold. Are you worried about the temperature? Is allowed to take a little shrug to cover your shoulders. Just make sure to have a big enough purse to make it disappear when the night starts to get hot, and to welcome new year with bare arms raised towards the starred sky.

4 Make up should be all about the eyes. Make your gaze intense and magnetic with a smokey eye makeup. For your lips choose a simple gloss or a nude nuance lipstick - unless you are outside in the cold, then you don’t want to go without a mousturing and protective chopstick. The must is: be ready with perfect and soft lips for the midnight kiss.

5 Lace or leather: the hottest winter trends. This year fashion is very dramatic effect oriented. So classic lace of total leather? Here as well you may want to consider which kind of party are you attending, and follow your mood of the moment. Anyway you want to go, the colour choice is just one: total black. But traditions say you should always wear something red to bring you luck on the new year! If you already have taken care of the traditional red underwear you can add that extra luck with a bold, solid red bag. This will not only be a great match for you look, but will be a perfect good luck charm for the next 365 days to come.