Mother’s day: tips for the perfect gift

04 May 2016

Mother’s day: tips for the perfect gift

Mother's day is near! It's time to look for a gift perfect for your mom. Every mom has different passions and characteristics. Mom is a real super-hero: she faces everyday troubles between work and home, dispensing valuable suggestions. Bags and accessories characterize every woman according to their behaviors and habits. How to find the perfect gift?

Think about your mom and her style and you will find the right choice for a tailored gift.

Sporty Mom

She loves sport and she spends some time at the gym. She runs to keep in shape. To a mom full of energy, we suggest two practical accessories without giving up the style. The Enola handbag is made by robust denim fabric, it is decorated with fancy, tan-color top stitching, and the two handles and the removable shoulder straps have the same color. Match it with an electric blue belt. These items are perfect for a mom with a casual-glam look, always on the move. Little tip: Why don’t you put in her bag a gym membership?

Chic Mom

If your mom is always elegant and stylish and she always find moments in her everyday life to take care about herself, we suggest the Evelyne mini folder bag. It has a trendy chain shoulder strap that you can also remove to use the integral handle that is reminiscent of a knotted scarf. The Maurizia manicure set is ideal for a mom who takes care of herself even in a very busy day. Additional present: a mini-perfume to bring everywhere.

Trendy Mom

For a mom who is always up to date with fashion trends, even during a frenetic day between school, swimming pool and the gym. She chooses a nude make-up, the perfect outfit and the right accessories. Which item can be the right one? The Trieste polka-dot briefcase designed by Penelope and Monica Cruz. It is the must-have accessory for all ladies who desire to have an original and timeless style. Match it with a coordinated belt to complete the look. Finally, you could put in the bag a peach-lipstick, according to Summer 2016 color trends.

Busy Mom

She never stops and she travels really often? We have a tip also for a mom who is always busy, on the move and who never gives up, with the help of a perfect organization. She nonetheless is stylish and polished, even at the workplace. We suggest the Tramonti professional bag for a daily touch of elegance and femininity. You could match it with the Daria wallet. All in one pouch and clutch bag, it’s perfect for a mom who takes always the lead! What else you can add? An agenda for all her appointments.

Whatever you decide to give your mom, the best wishes will be a message full of love.