Nail polish: autumn colors

27 October 2015

Nail polish: autumn colors

Beauty trends proclaim: for this season as well, hands are under the spotlight. So, take off your gloves and get ready to show off a perfect manicure in the most fashionable colours. Here’s the inescapable styles for fall-winter 2015.

Grey Matching the skies full of rain, subtle recalling to the atmospheres of London, an unusual but surely refined touch: this season you must wear grey, in every possible shade. You can choose from the darkest tone to all the middle tones in the scale: the most important thing is to forget the mat finishing and always opt for a extra shining top coat. If your are in the mood why not to combine two of the main trends of the season: grey and metallic finishing, combined in a preciuos silver. If the effect looks to cold on you keep the metallic suggestion and choose copper, brass of a deep green straight out of the autumn woods.

Red Timeless, and even more unavoidable in the season of wine and grape harvest. Once more, prefer the darkest tones: from bordeaux to rouge-noir, make sure your red of choice always have a lowlight turning on the blue spectrum instead of an orangey one. If your complexion allows it, of course. Why? Because the big trend coming from the past for this season is the perfect match between nails and lips. Tip: start choosing a lipstick colour that highlights your skin tone and goes well with your eyes and hair colour, and only then find the exact same red for the nail polish to match it.

Nude It’s more than a classic, the nude palette is a proper must of the season: from powder pink to old-rose, always with a shiny finishing. Classy and understated, you can play with tones from beige to sand: delicate and vague, to match your favourite trench and a soft cachemire sweater.

Azure Do you feel like putting on some colour? Strange but true, azure, blue and light blue are the most trendy colours of the season. Would that be a wistful recalling of the summer skies and seaside holidays? In any case, be ready to rock with creativity: from turquoise to deep blue, from light pastel blue to the classical navy tone. It can match the outfit or just play a whimsical constrast: for sure it would not make you feel blue, but full of vigour.