New relationships: five things not to do in the first weeks

25 July 2015

New relationships: five things not to do in the first weeks

Summer often means getting to know new people, new flirts, and yes, new romantic encounters. We love summer for this reason too, isn't it? Then probably many of us in the next weeks will begin a new relationship, but...we have to be careful! To enjoy this new beginning in the best way possible, it's better to use a little common sense and maybe follow some rules! For example...the next five that we list here: take note!

- Do not play hard-to-get too much. While there's no need to be always available, because in relationships a little bit of unsatisfied desire will always work, please treat your new boyfriendletting him know that you enjoy his attentions. In short, be nice and kind, and for instance always answer his calls and messages: that will not make you look bad at all!

- Do not rush into things. The exact opposite of the first tip: even if he is fantastic and you cannot possibily think of anything else...calm down. Enjoy your skipping heartbeat, but do not overload him with messages and phone calls, do not write dozens of romantic Facebook statuses, and refrain from using certain words right away. Have fun, laugh, be light: these are the reasons why a new love is beautiful, the rest will follow.

- Respect his space. Men do care a lot about their things, their moments of independence, their evenings with friends. Respect these sides of him, enjoy yourself some pauses too, do not stick around his place if he doesn't ask you to stay. And do not be jealous of his friends, especially if they are girls. If your boyfriend has women friends, it simply means that he's intelligent and nice!

- Do not forget your friends. Isn't it awful when our friends have a new boyfriend and suddenly disappear? So don't do that yourself, girl! Friends are always very important, and not just because the love-story you're experiencing may end, but simply because they love us, because it is right to dedicate them a bit of our time, listening to their stories and showing our interest.

- Do not make too many plans for the future. Let things happen gradually: few things in the world are more frightening to men than premature plans for the future. You will talk about moving in together, when it will be really appropriate to do so, and only then you can start thinking about how many children you want in your life. Live for the day, you're at the beginning of a relationship, it will help to make it last longer.

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