Office mood: outfits to feel pretty all day long

12 January 2016

Office mood: outfits to feel pretty all day long

We know it all too well: in order to be pretty you have to endure a little suffering. That’s why we put up with painful treatments, killer heels and long boring beautician’s sessions to improve our appearance. But that’s a line you aren’t going to cross as long as suffering goes. As a matter of facts, we all even know that we look at best when we are not suffering at all, and that’s why on everyday life we should keep the ouch-level at its lower, and we want to feel comfortable. For instance, comfort is essential when you are going to face a long day with public transport commute, meetings and quick lunch breaks. Here you are, three tips to create the perfect office outfit which let you be at your top even after the the full working day.

1. Shoes: blessing and curse for any woman. We know that your day does not start at 9 when you set foot into your office, buy long before that. It doesn’t matter if you drive your own car of if you take busses and trains: those kille pumps may be the perfect match for your meeting outfit but surely won’t get you there. What to do then? Give up and choose a demure flat pair of shoes? Or start the day in pain? Or you can compromise: slip into comfortable shoes which will make your feet happy and carry your stilettos in your bag, ready to come into action when you reach your desk. Your body and your mood will be forever thankful.

2. The bag: the perfect gamechanging accessory that will swing the mood on every outfit. If you just started a new job or if you are visiting a new client for a first meeting, you can be uncertain on how formal your outfit should be. Too casual or too formal: you may feel uncomfortable in both cases if you don’t fit in the exact context. Minimize the stress in order to focus on what’s really important with a simple tip: let the accessories do their magic. A very formal suit with a purse in a bold colour, or a casual outfit with a classic design bag: don’t be afraid of creating contrasts to show an all-round character.

3. Tactical take over: your day will not finish ar 5 after work but you have no time to go home before the party? Go for a classic black pant suit. And spice it up with a bag featuring some sparkling details like chains or studs. Take a sequin top with you to replace your shirt when the ring bells and transform yourself from employee of the month into party girl in less than 2 minutes. Oh, the magic of accessories. Oh the magic of being flawless in every place, at any time.