Penélope in Rome: the Eternal City is stage of the new Carpisa collection

11 September 2015

Penélope in Rome: the Eternal City is stage of the new Carpisa collection

As probably many of you already know, Penélope Cruz is the new Carpisa testimonial. The amazing new Fall Collection is presented by a video that you will find on our homepage, which is part of the new advertising campaign shot in the beautiful location of Palazzo Venezia in Rome. This great actress, a beautiful muse with an unmistakable character and irresistible irony, has with Italy, and Rome, a special relationship.

There were in fact several films that brought her to shoot in the capital during her career, and for a time there were also rumours regarding her desire to find a home in the Eternal City.

The last movie that saw our wonderful ambassador in Rome will be released in February 2016: it's the hilarious "Zoolander 2", starring Ben Stiller, who's also the director of the movie. In this film Cruz is very different from what you see in the Carpisa campaign, where she shows all of her style and timeless elegance. In the scenes of "Zoolander 2" she's instead an aggressive and sexy motorcyclist.

The great talent of Penélope Cruz allowed her to play instead a very intense and dramatic role in the 2011 film "Venuto al mondo" by Sergio Castellitto, based on a novel by Margaret Mazzantini, in which she gave life to the character of Gemma, a woman who returns to Sarajevo with her son after several years living in Rome. The outskirts of the capital had been, seven years earlier, the theater in which Italia had come to life, another character from the pen of Mazzantini and incarnated on screen by Penélope, being directed by Castellitto in “Non ti muovere”.

And how can we forget a film that since its title is a true declaration of love for Rome: "To Rome with Love", by the great Woody Allen, saw the two working again together. With Cruz immersed in an ironic and provocative role, in which her elegant sense of humor gave consistency to Anna, a high class escort involved in an hilarious family misunderstanding.

So the new Carpisa testimonial came back to what can be considered a sort of second home, shooting in Rome for the Fall 2015 Collection. It's called Italian Feeling and, with its ability to interpret with absolute class the different shades of a woman, it is perfectly suited for an actress credibility.