Post-Vacation Blues? Here are 5 ways to fight it!

05 September 2015

Post-Vacation Blues? Here are 5 ways to fight it!

Coming back home from summer holidays is tough for everyone, you know. So even those of you who are reading these words with a little bit of skepticism, you should know that you are not alone! But even if depression may fall upon you because of all this, there are ways to fight it.

In short, feeling bad in this period is very common. We're back in town, to the routine that we know oh-so-well, we go back to work, and the children have to go to school. Yes, we need to get used again to our everyday lives, even if it's not so simple: although we'll need a few days, there is no need to get caught up in despair or anxiety. Instead, it is useful to be positive and, above all, take care of ourselves. Here's how.

- Sleeping. Having regularly many hours of sleep is always essential for our health. But when we come back from vacations, we must absolutely avoid passing from eight or more hours of sleep to the six or less hours that characterize the normal life of many. And if you cannot sleep, do not get anxious. Have yourself a nice hot bath in the evening, drink an herbal tea and read a good book.

- Eat fruits. This advice too should be followed throughout the whole year, but fruits can help us in this situation because many of them are rich in melatonin and other antioxidants that can help counteracting stress. Grapes, in particular, are a great regulator of circadian rhythms, but also apples, peaches, melon and pears, and vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, peppers.

- Be gradual. You can not go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds, like cars do in the ads. It's very important to resume your work pace gradually, maybe even giving up a couple of days of holidays to return to the city without having immediately a thousand of urgent tasks to take care of.

- Being outdoors. Fresh air, and, above all, the sun, are great natural antidepressants. It is no coincidence that we are happier when we can enjoy them. But even in the city you can do so: going to work by foot or with the bicycle, for example. Or taking advantage of the lunch break by taking a walk to eat something on a bench, in a park.

- Shopping. Oh yes, because even a little bit of levity can make us feel good! Taking a stroll to have a look at a few shops will be great for the mood, but also Carpisa's e-shop has great anti-stress powers! The new Fall Collection, presented by Penélope Cruz, is waiting to give you the right incentives for the new season!