Running: 5 tips to do it better

27 August 2015

Running: 5 tips to do it better

Running in recent years has become a very popular sport in Italy as well, more and more people dedicate the beginning or the end of their day to it, taking advantage of the simplicity, immediacy and the excellent results, both cardiovascular and as weight loss, that this type of training provides.

But we must not underestimate the risks, especially related to trauma and excessive stress. So if you are a new running enthusiast, you should pay attention to the 5 tips we're giving out today.

- Graduality. If you did not exercise for a long time, begin alternating the pace of your run, never being in trouble with your breathing. For example you can run for about 5 minutes and then walk for 2, enabling the cardiovascular system to find its balance and gradually increasing the duration of the running.

- Rest. Do not be carried away by enthusiasm, going running every day! It 's important to alternate, having one day of training and one of rest, to allow time for your body to recover and adapt to training without muscles and joints injuries.

- Lightness. Never go running after you overindulged in food! Digesting and running both require blood, and you cannot ask your body to do the two things at the same time, the risk is to feel really bad. In the morning when you wake up, just a coffee will do, or a fruit if you want. In the evening you have to wait at least 3 hours after eating.

- Lowland pride. It is not appropriate to embark immediately on climbs and descents. For the muscles and joints, especially knees and back, those changes are a stress. Before facing the slopes you should be able to run for an hour in plain without stopping.

- It's not just about running. Before and after the actual training you should never neglect other exercises. Before you start some leg squats and calf raises will be enough, but toned muscles will absorb the load of your weight reducing the risk of joints inflammation. And stretching at the end of training is not optional! It's essential to allow muscles to relax after the stress and absorb lactic acid.

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