Storie of sparkling twines and golden chains

19 October 2015

Storie of sparkling twines and golden chains

Class is balance. A game of shapes complementing each other and daring one another at the same time. As for architetture balance results from the alternating spaces and voids, class springs from the ability to make essential lines and small precious details live one next to each other.

To make special even the most classical designs there are many elements to play with. To re-invent with taste means choosing different materials and textures: an elaborated twine can make extremely glamorous even the most essential design. The same twine in a different context can add that extra dramatic touch to a plain look.

Sparkling chains attracts the eyes: it’s impossible to resist the temptation to follow them with a dreamy gaze, or even reach out to touch them to confirm the sensuality they suggest. Bending gently with a faded jingling, the shine on the skin and follow the natural curves of shoulders, then disappear behind clothes and leave us to imagine the pleasant contrast between the cold metal and the warmer fabrics and leather they are called to embellish.

Every detail needs to be noticed, without being loud. The juxtaposition is ever more powerful when is most unexpected. A glimpse of a sparkle can become pure surprise and wonder when, led by our curiosity, we discover it coming from a twined tassel, precious but almost hidden. Marvels are created when you leave to other people to pleasure of discovery. Find new meanings, connecting the hidden symbols of the chain as constriction and bond to the noble levity of gold, making the chain then a symbol of creativity and freedom. From punk rock to embellishing noblesse, in a constant contamination of meanings which leaves the last word to you only. And therefore leaving you as well the complete freedom in mixing and matching these elements in new creative ways, thanks to their ever classic and ever changing nature.