Street Style: from the street to the catwalk and back

18 November 2015

Street Style: from the street to the catwalk and back

During every fashion week the trend is clear: season after season the real fashion show is both on the catwalks and on the streets. Milan, Paris, London and New York get crowded with whimsical looks and peculiar matches, that disregarding what designers are presenting on the catwalke true trends are defined by what fashion influencers and it girls are wearing attending those catwalks. Think of the global success of Sott Shuman’s blog, The Sartorialis, and this will give you the measure of what’s most important: an individual style which can express a unique personality, a personal vision of the world which can not be expressed just by what designer present as a season’s must. And now more than ever, it’s the fashion industry itself to take inspiration from the outfit and styles as seen on the street.

Starting from the skater subculture in the 80s, declined soon in the hip-hop style and still leaving thanks the so called sneakerheads, street style finds its strong point in matching clothes and accessories and creating contradiction and paradox. One example? The classic tailleur paired with sneakers, or a masculine cut coat matching wide brim hats and impressively high pumps.

Often a vintage detail is essential, a sort of homage to the years when the street style gained its importance and recognitions: New York in the ‘80s with hip-hop elements or the surfers’ subculture from California in the ‘90s. Green light then to oversized hoodies matching classic and refined handbags or precious clutches.

A last ingredient to add more spice and originality to your look: your smartphone. Technology can be hyper-personalized too. Choose carefully the cover for your phone, it can be bizarre and daring and must reflect your own style: put in it the same care you put every morning in choosing your outfit for the day, and dress your phone to be another individual and strong statement of style.