Summer in the city? Here are the most fashionable looks to always be perfect

21 July 2015

Summer in the city? Here are the most fashionable looks to always be perfect

Do not make that face! Spending the summer in the city does not necessarily mean not going on vacation: many people choose to avoid both the sea and the mountains, to discover one of the many beautiful cities of the world. And then, well, there are those who will go on holidays later, or those who already went, o now they have to face a couple of months in their own city.

This doesn't mean that you cannot be beautiful and elegant, even in August, also in the streets of a big town! Indeed, during the summer, we often notice that many don't show the necessary taste to interpret the high temperatures, but do not worry, here you have some tips.

Let's start with trying not to look like a tourist, lost in the deserted streets. Therefore, especially if we are no longer very young girls, it's better to forget the oh-so-short skirts, and even more the too revealing micro-hot-pants, and go for gauzy skirts and dresses with a bucolic style.

The black and white tones are very good for a summer-in-the-city look, and it's not by chance that this combination of colours was very present in the spring-summer 2015 collections. So let's play with t-shirts, blouses, skirts and shoes, creating a fun and sober mix at the same time.

If you are in town because of your work, and maybe you even need to go to some formal meetings, try to choose a style that combines masculine and feminine, wearing a light jacket with three-quarter sleeves and flared pants. Or even the variant with a jacket paired with a pencil skirt is certainly a win. And in these cases...bright colours will be perfect!

As for the shoes...let's pay close attention to the beach effect: it is absolutely to be avoided! Sandals and flip-flops are certainly our friends in the summer, but it is crucial to distinguish between the shoes to use on the beach and those to wear in the center of your town. No, therefore, to the various plastic flip-flops, unless you're going to take a swim in your local pool. Yes, instead, to cheeky and comfortable shoes like espadrillas, always in fashion, especially with cheerful and original patterns.

Of course you must pay attention to the bags to go with your choices for a summer in the city too. But all of you who are reading this article are already a step forward, because the Carpisa Collection is perfect for all occasions. For instance: we talked just a while ago about black and white tones. And there you have the Tote Bag from the Trudy series! But the possibilities are endless, so go and find out yourselves on our e-shop!