Summertime Music: 5 great records to rediscover in August

21 August 2015

Summertime Music: 5 great records to rediscover in August

Is it too obvious that here we really like the summer? Also because in the days of rest that more or less all of us will be able to enjoy in August, we'll have time to dedicate ourselves to happily enjoy the good things in life. Among these, there's undoubtedly music. Often, however, we have the time...but we're not able to decide on what to listen! So we'll try to give you some advice, listing five great records of the past that we believe it would be worthwhile to devote an August afternoon to.

- Lucio Dalla – Com'è profondo il mare. This record was published in 1977, an album where for the first time the great singer from Bologna decided to write himself the lyrics of his songs. The result is overwhelming from the start, from the first famous song that gives title to the disc. But if many people know that song, or the mischievous "Disperato erotico stomp", this album deserves a careful and passionate listen for his imaginative stories and poems, and perfect songs as "Quale allegria".

- Van Morrison - Astral weeks. The Irish singer-songwriter is one of the biggest names in music, but the songs that have made him so famous are not in this album, with the exception of the single "The way young lovers do." Nevertheless, his second album, released in 1968, is considered by many critics one of the greatest ever. The first listen can be complex, but let yourself be captivated by the fascinating characters that Morrison imagined with this masterpiece.

- Paul Simon - Graceland. When this album came out, in 1986, Paul Simon was a songwriter already on the downside of his career, and far were the successes with his partner Art Garfunkel. A cassette of South African music conquered him, bringing him to Johannesburg to record an album that, well before world music became a part of pop culture, mixes styles and influences, with a magical sense of melody and harmony: a true milestone.

- Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life. One of the greatest records of American soul, this is also the most celebrated and beloved album of that true icon of black music that is Stevie Wonder. With this ambitious double disc he was able to express himself without limits. The result is a collection of 21 songs, in perfect equilibrium between politics and romance, poetry and social commitment. The immediacy of the sound of this album will seduce you from the first notes, and you will find yourself humming these songs for weeks.

- Erykah Badu - Baduizm. The most recent album of this small list was published in 1997, marking the debut of a singer who soon became a key figure in american R&B. Its greatness is the ability to sound very contemporary, but also encapsulating a good part of the great African-American soul history. And then there's Badu, a true diva, both for her perfect voice and for the charismatic personality that emerges in each song.

And what about you? What record you'll want to hear or rediscover on a placid day of August? As you choose something from your collection, take a look also to ours Coca Cola capsule Collection!