Tattoo Love Story

16 February 2016

Tattoo Love Story

A love at first sight at the rail station. A trip towards different destinations and the fear of loosing someone just met. Will Ad4m and Ev& find their way to get together? We are to tell you a special story… the #‎TattooLoveStory.

Ad4m is a precise guy, always on time and ready to pack his trolley when it comes to business travel. Ev& is an unbridled globetrotter who loves wanders aimlessly. She’s addicted to travel and can’t get her head together!

They are closer than what they imagine… They are living the perfect moment not even knowing it yet. Love is just behind the corner. But we don’t even notice that… It’s a kind of magic between Ad4m and Ev&. Sparks have started to flow from the first gaze! Who cares about their plans? Ad4m and Ev& decide to spend the day together. 

Ad4m e Ev&’ve just met and their hearts are already playing the same rhythm: they feel like they've known each other a whole life... They spend an unforgettable day together,  they are touching the sky!

 It’s time to come back and keep feets on the ground: Ad4m is to leave. Career comes first for Ad4m. He can’t give up his next business travel. 

Ev& would follow love to the edge of the world, so she decides to reach Ad4m. But it’s too late, he’s already gone. Ev& leaves the station thinking about all the adventures she could have had with him.

Just before his departure, Ad4m starts to wonder: “Would another trip make sense without love?” Aware of the answer, he gets off the train finding Ev&. Close but not enough, Ad4m is chasing Ev& down all over the town. They are taking different paths. Their love is becoming such a hard chase. Love is a matter of time!

It’s time to come home. Ev& remembers all the moments shared with Ad4m. Ad4m runs to the dock to stop his lover but it’ s too late. The ship is already sailed!

Ad4m is really sad! Ev& is far away from him. When it looked as if everything was over, here comes Ev&. “Ad4m, here you are! I’ve finally found you” Two lovers in a stunning sunset. Love always follows the right track.

Ad4m and Ev& are ready to leave together, now.