The most beautiful castles in Italy, for a princess’s treat weekend

04 December 2015

The most beautiful castles in Italy, for a princess’s treat weekend

Travelling make us always dreaming. When you are exploring a new place, or a special atmosphere so different from home you are led to picture yourself in a different scenario, in a different life, even if it’s only for a weekend. But you don’t need to choose an exotic destination to deep dive in this refreshing feeling. What if for once you choose a destination close to home but that allows you to travel in time? Get lost in medieval alleys or in breathtaking natural sceneries, by the sea shore of reflecting over the mysterious waters of a lake. Here’s an essential selection of the most beautiful castles of Italy, to experience the magic of history blending into legend and feel like a real princess.

1. Castello Aragonese di Ischia

A true witness of history, it is the first castle to be built on the isle and saw reigns and dominations rise and disappear at its feet. All those centuries didn’t but increase its charme, but it’s not just history to make it special: the way it blends into the natural landscape being an essential part of it is pure magic, especially under the colours of the sunset.

2. Castello di Miramare

How many dreams and sighs have been inspired by Princess Sissi? If you too have a weakness for the refined elegance of the Hause of Hapsburg you can not miss the Miramare. Overlooking the Gulf of Trieste and surrounded by a beautiful garden, its fairy-tale white stands out against the colours of nature, while inside you can still admire the original and perfectly preserved furniture.

3. Castello Scaligero di Malcesine

The medieval castle exactly as you can picture it in your mind if you close your eyes and think of it, complet with a tower and indented walls. To complete the picture add its position, high on a rock and overlooking the waters of the Garda lake and here you are: the most romantic scenery to spend a proper princess weekend.

4. Castel del Monte

One of the most enigmatic architectures of Italy, it has become a real obsession for researches, historians and lovers of the supernatural: Andria’s castle, wanted by Federico II, is one of the most evocative places you will ever visit. Be it for its octagonal plant and for the perfect geometry of its towers, be it for the powerful symbols that make it alluring, this fortress is not only a Unesco World’s Heritage site but also one of the most renowned monuments in Italy.

5. Castello di Montebello

Leave the coastline of Romagna at your back and start climbing towards the sweet hills of the Appennino, you will find a castle built in the 14th century and hosting an unsettling legend. If you love mystery and thrills you can not avoid to visit the castle and Azzurrina, the ghost living in it and which still, every midsummer night when midnight comes, still makes her weeping voice heard and echoing among the walls.