The new season of social networks: the tools to always be inside the conversation

23 September 2015

The new season of social networks: the tools to always be inside the conversation

Since a few years now, social networks seem to be an inescapable reality for all of us: they have become a virtual meeting place of absolute importance that concerns and involves private citizens as much as brands, sports teams, artists of all kinds, politicians.

But Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are not enough: despite being the best known and most popular, they must be constantly renewed too. For this reason, there are many new entries and new born social platforms launched each season, to offer new possibilities for communication and sharing to web surfers. Here you'll find some of the most interesting!

- Periscope. Launched in March 2015, it is the latest invention from Twitter. The social network based on 140 characters long messages is going through a crisis: for its re-launch it was created this application, allowing live video streamings made with smartphones. The videos remain on the platform for 24 hours before being deleted.

- Meerkat. The concept and functionality are similar to Periscope, but Meerkat is not in any way linked to Twitter. It's a simple and straightforward app for posting online live streaming videos. Wherever you are, you can become journalists, anchor-men, comedians. Meerkat does not store videos: once the live is over, no one can see the streaming again.

- Snapchat. In the United States this is the social network most used by young people, and it allows users to exchange photos and videos of up to 10 seconds. Also in this case, the content is deleted after being displayed. Today it is used by about 200 million people worldwide.

- Steller. This social platform is entirely devoted to photo storytelling: users can create stories composed by their photos and their texts, building something similar to small articles of a magazine. Born in San Francisco, it is growing rapidly in Europe, especially for travel-related, nature and cuisine content.

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