The selfie etiquette

12 May 2014

The selfie etiquette

A unique moment, a wonderful place, a special occasion: to resist the urge to take a selfie is now almost impossible. It only takes two clicks for our smartphone to seize our joy and share it with our friends on every social network. There are some rules to follow, in order to survive this selfie-mania with style. Here they are.

Pay attention to details:
are you going to share some exciting news with a v-sign selfie? Go for it, just pay attention to the background. A livingroom piled with laundry, a sink full of dishes waiting to be done, a messy bedroom with a scattered bed are going to detour your audience's attention. What will be clear and word of mouth will not be your important announcement, but your shabbiness instead. Check always the background and all details captured in the photo. Unless of course, the big announcement is the successful hunt for a new au-pair.

Cheese! Smile, please!:
No faking of natural poses and surprise expressions: how could you be surprised, when the photo is taken by yourself? If you aim for the "stolen moment" picture style you have no other choice than asking a friend to take the picture, possibly from more than a arm lenght. Or at least use a remote control for your camera. When taking a selfie you have to be bold and firm: you know what you are doing so put your cheekiest smile on.

Better keep your clothes on:
do you want to show everyone the beautiful beach you are lying on at the moment? Do you just want to gloat with your friend and show them the new hammam you just discovered? That's fine. But that doesn't necessarly imply a bikini shot of you. Even better: keep yourself out of the picture. You can not be sure whether you really want people to look at halfnaked pictures of you while at work or commuting on a train, and once again: you want to keep the conversation on the place you are. Not on the state, as magnificent it could be, of your body.

Less is more:
talking about how many selfies and how often to post them there are some limits you don't want to step over. Excessive production of selfies can easily trespess into narcissism and egomaniac compulsory behaviour, When is it time to stop? When "my next selfie" is going to be "that one too many selfies"? We'll leave the answer to your better judgement, but well: asking oneself this question already means something.

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