11 November 2015


History teaches us that everything always returns, in courses and resorts. Philosophy states that “panta rei”, everything flows. Fashion is then the perfect synthesis of those points of view: everything flows but sooner or later everything comes back, in a cycle. That’s why the catwalks, and our closets, are filled not just of new items reflecting the latest trend but also by a great passion for past and for the classic designs of past decades.

The word “vintage” originally stands for wines of the most refined and precious years. In the same way in fashion it stands for all those items which beauty goes far beyond the flavour of the moment and reveals itself intact and fresh also today.

Now we are used to the so called “fast fashion”, in a frantic attempt to keep up with the evolving trends, and it’s easy to fall in awe in front of the high quality of the fabrics and the precious production details of a cloth created more than 20 years ago. It’s not just about the retro designs now considered classic, but also the high quality even in the simplest items: materials and manufacturing details were just central, not only for esthetic reasons but also to ensure durability and endurance of items made to last. 
But the pleasure of vintage is not just about owning a unique piece or wear a special style: it begins with looking for that item, chasing it in thrift shops and flea markets, browsing with friends the windows of little shops or discovering treasures in the colsets of our grannies. 

There is no right or wrong way to voice your passion for older designs: you can choose a total look inspired by the 40s or 70s, or you can just go for a single piece like a scarf or a pair of earrings to match and rock your most contemporary outfit. The only rule is to follow your instinct for beauty and your taste for the small extravagance to spice up your style. And this is what always so special and precious about vintage: owning and showing something unique, making your everyday outfit a spark of originality.