Wild & Glam: animalier is calling

07 November 2015

Wild & Glam: animalier is calling

In the urban jungle trends come and go and it’s not always easy to unravel oneself from all the dos and donts of the season: you need a feline instinct to sense which direction the wind of fashion is blowing and to grab the perfect outfit. Or you can just rely on those elements which can be now considered constant as they keep coming season after season, and just recalibrate of to mix them. This fall/winter the animalier pattern hold still its position as a must for a scathing style. Spotted, tiger-skin, zebra-striped: choose your animal spirit guide and create your most daring and glam look.

Size matters: animalier patterns do not need to look natural anymore. Say yes to extra-size patterns for a super pop effect, or tiny sized and almost abstract patterns for a softer touch. Green light also for colours: not just warm ton-sur-ton natural palettes, but go for all the trendy colours mix of the season: from powder pink to beige, pale blue to navy blue, and even dare some metallic tone.

Pay attention to how to combine your outfit: the gold rule is to keep it simple. Never mix two different patterns: animalier should be paired to solid colours only, in order to avoid the “circus effect”. With some caution you can pair it with gold and silver: details which make your look more precious, without making it too sassy or loud. Black and white still are the best choices: not only they are the safest way to enhance the overall effect, but they also help to highlight the animalier detail and its personality.

How to modulate the tone to create a style which is always fresh? Choose how much of your animal spirit to infuse in your look. You can dare an all-over pattern on a little dress on black leggings, chelsea boots and black leather jacket for a glam-rock style, or use the classical faux-fur coat which is perfect both for daytime and nights out, or spice up your bon-ton style with a caban coat. Another option is to go for accessories: a foulard, the shoes, your bag. They surely add a touch of timeless class which, depending on the occasion, can be more daring or ironic.

Besides the classic leopard-skin spotted pattern or the zebra-stripes, explore all the combinations of patterns stolen from nature in their eco printed interpretation. Python skin, cocco, ostrich, just to mention some: possibilities are endless, and so are the mixes for you outfit. Set your wild spirit free and be ready to amaze with your new personal and glam style.