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  • Small Suitcases and Trolleys



    Small Suitcases and Trolleys by Carpisa

    Wide Selection of Small Suitcases and Trolleys

    In the range of small suitcases and trolleys, you'll find a vast selection of carry-on luggage ideal for frequent travelers and low-cost flights. These products, crafted with high-quality materials and a focus on sustainability, are designed to offer maximum convenience without sacrificing style. Ultra-resistant materials, composed largely of recycled elements such as ABS, polycarbonate, and 100% R-PET, highlight the commitment to a GREEN ORIENTED philosophy. Functionality meets innovation with features like expansion for increased capacity, TSA locking systems for security, and ultra-quiet removable wheels for effortless mobility.

    Innovative Features for Modern Travelers

    Each small trolley is equipped with solutions designed to enhance the travel experience: from the CARPISA QR-GO system, allowing easy access to various services, to the option for expansion to increase available space. The extended warranty, including on the wheels, attests to the quality and durability of these products. For young travelers, the Carpisa Kids line offers suitcases made from green-oriented materials, with fun details like colorful LED wheels, pockets for water bottles, and spaces for creative personalization. This selection of small suitcases and trolleys is designed to meet the needs of every traveler, combining comfort, style, and environmental responsibility.