Purchase Guide

QR-GO: a world of services just a click away!

The app designed for those who travel and always need to keep the most useful information on hand.

A QR-code installed on each piece of luggage will allow you to access many services designed to offer useful information for your travels


Scan the QR-Code on your baggage, enter the required data and sign up. To confirm your registration you will receive an email with a security code to be entered to confirm your registration. Please check that the e-mail does not end up in the spam folder.


Find your baggage in case of loss.
If you lose your luggage and someone finds it, they can get in touch with you by scanning the QR. After doing so, whoever finds it can contact the owner at the registered e-mail (which will not be viewable, in full respect of the privacy) to send information on the location of the luggage.

Purchase document always at hand
The receipt is indispensable for the warranty, but it is not always kept by consumers. In the warranty section you can upload a photo or a PDF of the receipt, so you do not lose it and can easily request assistance.

Your baggage’s identity card
Dimensions, instructions on components (such as integrated padlocks), information on maintenance, terms of warranty and much more. You won’t have to worry about keeping your tags!

The code just a click away
How many times do you set a secret code and then forget about it? By noting it in this section, you will always have the possibility to go back to the code you entered. The code will also always be editable if you decide to change the one already set.

Travel check-list
Don’t forget anything!
Getting ready for a trip always requires some planning and organization. Here is then the service that will allow you to leave nothing to chance and leave without thoughts! You can create your own travel lists based on your destination, save it and have it available for your next trip.

Cabin baggage size
Baggage and measures allowed
Check if the size of your baggage is accepted by the airline you have chosen: in the list at your disposal, simply select the airline and you will have visibility of the maximum size allowed. Each airline has its own guidelines, so remember to always check the conformity of your luggage before departure, to avoid surprises!

Customer Care
Our assistance at your disposal
By filling out the form you can get in touch with our support for any doubts or support regarding your luggage. We will get back to you as soon as possible and give you all the help you need.