Carpisa, to meet all the needs of franchisees, has associated its business with an extremely flexible distribution system. The frequency of the collections ensures the points of sale a constant renewal of their image, associated with excellent sell-out results. Expanded in volumes, the concept store of Carpisa exhibits products which are valued and where each suitcase is not only an object of common use, but above all, a travel companion to whom to entrust memories and personal effects. The new concept store is proposed to its customers with a contemporary design where furnishings and colors are in perfect harmony with current trends: attentive to sustainability and respect for the environment. The Carpisa product fits perfectly within a large and well-organized space, able to provide the customer with direct contact with all the collections on display, and through continuous purchase stimuli make the experience inside the store pleasant. The restyling started from the Flagship stores throughout Italy and will continue in all Carpisa stores as a sign of the continuity of image that has always distinguished the brand.


Carpisa has managed to impose its sales philosophy on the market: a solid and branched franchise network, based on shops with a modern and attractive image able to satisfy a wide range of consumers. The amount of furniture is quantifiable in about € 650 / sqm, for civil works and plant engineering varies, instead depending on the state of the premises. For the affiliate there are neither Royalties nor Entrance Fees. The affiliate must bear only the costs of furnishing and execution of the works.