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Franchise project

Carpisa offers you its franchise project.Carpisa has an associated business with its distribution system extremely flexible to respond to all the needs of the franchise. The frequency of the collections ensures stores assortments, a constantly renewed image and excellent results of sell-out. Expanded in volume, the Carpisa store recurs to its customers with a contemporary design where furnitures and colors are in perfect harmony with the latest trends. The green to gray alternates to revive the alternation of the traditional brand colors as shown in the most effective visual communication. The Carpisa product is a perfect location in a spacious and well-organized, able to provide the customer with a direct contact with all the collections on display, and through continuous stimuli purchasing, make pleasant the stay in the store. The restyling of the shops, designed in collaboration with the 'Arch. Tortoli, started by the Flagship stores in Italy, will continue in the coming months in all the Carpisa stores Hit the continuity of image that has always distinguished the brand.

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The investment for the franchisee: a strategy for success


Carpisa was able to impose his philosophy on the market of sale: a strong and branched franchise network, based on stores with a modern and tempting image able to satisfy a wide range of consumers. The amount of furniture is estimated at approximately € 650/mq for the civil works and plant varies according to the state instead of local
For the affiliate are not requested  royalties or Entrance Fee. The franchisee has to bear only the costs of furniture and of works.

To open a Carpisa store in Italy, the franchisee must also issue a bank guarantee of € 35,000. To open a store abroad the business conditions are different.


Advantages for the franchisee


The Location: Carpisa helps you to select only stores centrally located in the historic centers of at least forty thousand inhabitants or primary shopping centers (with a frequency of at least two million visitors per year).
Staff training: It is not required experience in the field for the franchisee: before the opening of the store, the staff is trained and are regularly organized formative stages.
The assistance: With its staff of qualified professionals ,Carpisa will assist you before and after the opening of your store. Agents and area consultants will visit regularly your store to discuss and advise you in cooperation with the company.
Communication: The company supports all the affiliates providing free advertising in the process of opening and communication both institutional and in Store.
Technical assistance: Help Desk telephone works continuously for affiliates during the opening hours to the public.
Toll available every day from 8.00 to 20.00


The franchising formula


Competitive advantages: Carpisa has an associated business with its distribution system extremely flexible to meet all the needs of the franchise.
The frequency of the collections ensures stores assortments and a constantly renewed image, sell-out with excellent results.
The system provides weekly supplies on the basis of an automated program that takes care of the replacement of the product sold under the same items if available or with new lines and collections.
Profitability: The average stock of product is among the 30/40.000 euro depending on the potential of the shop and the volume of business gross of tax is ten times faster thanks to the policy of replenishment of stores.
The affiliate is rewarded by margins of absolute excellence on the product because the constant renewal of fashion collections and the presence of continuous lines reduce the incidence of balances which, in fact, are marginal in the economy of the store.


The franchise agreement


Duration: The franchise agreement allows free use of the mark Carpisa for the duration of the relationship which is scheduled for a minimum of five years which may be extended.
Services offered: The company is obliged to provide a range of benefits and services free of charge in favor of affiliated companies (advertising coverage in national and local level, support in the pre-opening, opening and store management, staff training) .
Duties of the affiliate: The franchisee assumes among others the obligation of computerization of the store, the requirement for insurance coverage for the risks of theft, fire and third party liability, the obligation to contribute to the payment of transportation costs. It also assumes the obligation to buy and sell only products of the brand Carpisa.