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    Women's Scarves, Scarves and Pashminas



    Women's scarves and foulards for a chic touch to your outfits

    Women's Scarves: Warmth and Style

    Women's scarves are an essential accessory that combines functionality and fashion, making them perfect for every season. Crafted from different materials, from soft wools for colder months to lightweight fabrics for transitional seasons, Carpisa scarves offer a wide range of models, shapes, and patterns. Whether it's about staying warm or adding a touch of originality to one's look, a scarf is always the right choice. The variety of available designs ensures that every woman can find the perfect complement to her style, whether she prefers something classic or more daring.

    Women's Foulards: Elegance and Versatility

    Women's foulards represent the epitome of versatile elegance. Primarily crafted from silk or cotton, these lightweight accessories are ideal for transitional seasons like spring and autumn. Foulards serve multiple purposes: they can be tied around the neck for a touch of class, fastened to the wrist or bag handles to personalize with a unique detail, or even used as a belt for jeans. The Carpisa collection offers foulards in a variety of prints and colors, allowing individuals to express their personality and enrich every outfit with a sophisticated detail.

    Women's Pashminas: A Chic Touch for Every Occasion

    Women's pashminas are the ideal accessory for those seeking a chic touch and an addition of elegance to their look. Lightweight and versatile, Carpisa pashminas are crafted from luxurious materials such as silk, cotton, linen, fine wool, or satin with cashmere threads, offering comfort without sacrificing style. Perfect for wearing as shawls or wraps during elegant events, pashminas are also a great substitute for traditional coat covers, adding a touch of refinement to any attire. With a range of solid colors or delicate decorations, Carpisa pashminas cater to every style need, always ensuring a polished and sophisticated appearance.