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  • Professional Bags and Laptop Backpacks for Women



    Professional Bags and Laptop Backpacks for Women by Carpisa

    The Essential Professional Bag

    Studying? Working? Efficiency is a non-negotiable element for you! With the Carpisa professional bag, you can effectively organize all your accessories and carry them comfortably with you.

    Design and Functionality for the Career Woman

    Carpisa presents a collection dedicated to the modern and ambitious woman. With a wide range of models that combine style and functionality, you will find the perfect bag that reflects current trends and meets every professional need.

    Versatility and Organization in Every Model

    From genuine leather models to reinforced ones for laptops and tablets, all our bags offer multiple pockets and well-structured spaces to keep everything in order and ensure that what you need is always easily accessible. Pens, documents, smartphones: you'll always know where they are!

    Elegance and Durability for Every Occasion

    Whether it's an office meeting or a university lecture, Carpisa's professional bags, just like those for men, add a touch of class and sophistication to your look. Designed to last, they perfectly adapt to any lifestyle.