Purchese Guide

What is the TSA lock and how is it used?

When buying a suitcase, how many times are we then forced to buy a padlock to prevent it from being opened easily? And how many times do these locks turn out to be not exactly reliable?

Due to this most of our suitcases feature a combination lock with TSA function, i.e. a combination of numbers. But what does TSA closure mean? T.S.A. is the acronym for Transportation Security Administration: the US government agency responsible for transportation safety born after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. With the current security laws in place, the US customs authorities are authorized to inspect baggage in transit. If these were protected by a lock or padlock of any type, they could then be forced to check their contents.

Passenger safety and rights

How to combine the need for security checks in accordance with passenger laws and not have their suitcases damaged? The answer to this problem lies in the creation of the TSA locks. These can be integrated into the suitcase itself with a system of locking zipper sliders, or also presented with a secured “TSA” padlock

How do I set my lock combination?

To proceed with setting your favorite combination, follow these simple instructions:

The original combination is 0-0-0. To enter your combination, follow the instructions below:

  1. Highlight the original numbers 0-0-0
  2. Press the “reset” button (a) until you hear the “click” sound.
  3. Set your combination by turning the wheels (b) [example 8-8-8].
  4. Press the “push” button © until you hear the “click”.

Also add a touch of personality to your suitcase

Our luggage tags are an essential accessory for your travels. Attach it to your luggage with a clip closure. Colorful and fun, you can personalize them with your name and surname, address, and telephone number. In this way, you can be easily contacted in the unfortunate case that your luggage should be lost. It is important to put the address where it is possible to be tracked during the trip! On the other hand, if you plan to make very short trips, we suggest that you put your home address on your luggage.