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Carpisa, the trademark owned by Kuvera S.p.A., is born in 2001 and within a few years from its birth becomes a leader in the bag, luggage and fashion accessory sector.

The brand symbol is a small turtle which has always distinguished it.

In a few years it shows itself to be a commercial phenomenon able to offer an always fashionable product with absolutely unique value for money. In a short time Carpisa develops a franchising network of over 650 points of sale in Italy and worldwide, with over 500 workers employed between headquarters and home territory .

The close relationship between the Company and the Point of Sale has always distinguished the Carpisa franchising chain.


Since 2001 a young and enterprising management has launched the Carpisa brand into the world of franchising, which bases its success on values such as close attention to the customer, team spirit, dynamism, research and development and competitiveness, showcasing Italian style and creativity.

The challenge for Carpisa is global: to reach every corner of the world with franchising developed in prestigious and strategic locations. A group where everyone is an actor and feel himself a participant in a winning story.


The collections, large and rich in ideas, created with Italian design, present an excellent value for money combination. They are aimed mainly at women between 20/45 years old, particularly attentive to new trends, but also at men, who are influenced by the most varied requirements. The strong points of the Carpisa collections are the number of products offered and the selection in each category.

The collections offered each year are three:

  • Spring/Summer
  • Autumn/Winter 

The goods categories concerned are:


  • Small Leather Goods
  • Luggage
  • Briefcases
  • Accessories


A surface of over 12.000 m2, a technologically innovative structure designed with the aim of creating a stimulating and comfortable working environment, capable of communicating the philosophy of a company that has always expressed strength, dynasim and attention to design: this is Casa Carpisa.

The headquarters, which stands at the Nola Interport and has 150 employees, comprises highly equipped training rooms, creative offices, common spaces like a canteen, and a technologically advanced conference room with 250 places. All designed to create a healthy and convivial atmosphere where the worker is supported in all his needs.

Marketing and communication

Carpisa has always placed particular focus on investment in communication, aimed not just at adequately promoting the products, but also at reinforcing the company image. Publicity material is distributed to every point of sale, both in Italy and abroad.

For years Carpisa has been a partner and promoter of high profile initiatives in the worlds of sport, fashion, beauty and culture.

Since 2015 spokesmodel for the brand has been international star Penelope Cruz. The Oscar-winning actress not only lends her face to Carpisa campaigns but in recent years has given her name to several capsule collections, intervening personally in the stylistic choices.

Moreover, Carpisa has always been linked with the world of sport, in that it fully shares its values, so down the years many young athletes have loaned their image to the brand’s advertising campaigns. Among these we remember Federica Pellegrini, Massimiliano Rosolino, Matteo Manassero, Tania Cagnotto and Diego Occhiuzzi.